Gingerbread House Template

Merry Christmas season, everyone! Aimee and I have been trying to pack as many fun memories into this season as possible, and what better way to do that then fun crafts with the kids? 

I made the New York Times gingerbread house recipe, and NO JOKE, it makes 8 pounds of dough. Supposedly that's enough for one 9" house, but I've made a new template so I can make two 6" houses with my kids. Feel free to half their recipe, noted here, to make one house with our template.

Full disclosure: I'm uploading this template before I use it to make our houses. The plan is to make five 7" slabs per house, bake them, then once they're hardened, cut them down to match the templates. 

Happy baking! Be sure to tag us if you try the template- I want to see all of your beautiful creations.

Gingerbread House Template 1

Gingerbread House Template 2

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